Robert and Gladys

May 3, 2014 –


Gladys and I would like to take this opportunity to express our support regarding George’s decision to attend a local gun show.


We asked George about his motivation for attending, his explanation reinforced the great pride we have for George. George explained that the show’s sponsor had supported him and his rights immediately following his acquittal. George felt a debt of gratitude to the sponsor and feels he should appear in person to thank his supporters.


It is my understanding this is a private event closed to the press, with absolutely no media availability. This event will simply provide George the opportunity to meet and greet those who stood with him during the most difficult time of his life. We understand George’s perspective and appreciate that he maintains the morals and values we have instilled in our children.


George’s attendance will not be compensated by the event’s sponsor.


Our love and support for George (@therealgeorgez) could not be stronger.




Robert and Gladys



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