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May 16, 2013

Thank you for visiting.

George’s trial is rapidly approaching.

Defense needs more time, and certainly more funds, to provide an effective defense. The state of Florida has unlimited resources in their totally unwarranted and malicious prosecution of George.

Ironically, individuals constantly seeking the spotlight to portray George in a negative light want to say absolutely nothing under oath. I’m not at all surprised. However, the lies these people have continually spread are slowly being brought to light. I wholeheartedly expect many more of their lies will be revealed at trial.

I continue to be amazed by what the state of Florida considers their ‘evidence’. It now appears the state has somehow found an ‘expert’ that hears words and sentences that only he can. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI experts, after exhaustive testing of the same recordings, were unable to hear any of these ‘mystery words’. (Where is Ms. Cleo when the state of Florida really needs her!!)

I’m extremely disgusted with Florida’s judicial system.

Again, thank you for visiting.

Robert Zimmerman



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